About us

Aitako Consulting is a software design, development and consulting company. An all South African business, we started out in 2009 in Johannesburg, and have recently expanded into Cape Town.

We are active in the South African developer community; which provides us with a powerful network we can leverage to ensure we are surrounded by a highly skilled team perfectly tailored to every project.

Our services include technical mentorship and strategic guidance, hybrid app development using Ionic Framework, and technical implementation of Javascript, NodeJS and AngularJS solutions.

We are also skilled in the product development,design and application marketing space, with a special focus on the launch process. We have a proven history of solution conceptualisation and development, and a strong focus on front-end architecture and usability. We are very comfortable in the cloud space and use the Heroku ecosystem as a preferred provider.

We get personally involved in every project and take the time to understand our clients and their needs; dedicating ourselves and all our resources to making every project a success. We are problem solvers who value communication and collaboration amongst our team, our clients and third parties. We enjoy working across a broad range of industries, and have served clients in the mining, petrochemicals, banking, retail, logistics, education, communication, geospatial and construction fields.

Get in touch

We'd love to speak to you. Get in touch with us on info@aitako.com.